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    Linda was cleaning windows, when suddenly the owner of the house she was working at came up to her from behind and tossed her onto the bed. Blindness is often the central meme, whether creating angst or conflict or even a superhuman "overcoming" of great magnitude. The trouble is that these stereotypes are all most people ever know about blind people. (The script for this one absolutely cracked me up; they poked fun at some of the experiences that blind people have daily. Correction: I'm told he wasn't famous when he made this.

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    Resignation letters are weird and generally unnecessary, unless your company specifically requests one after you resign in person. I believe you that your boss wouldn’t have handled a longer notice period well — because you know her and I don’t — but I haven’t ranted about this in a while, so indulge me: Managers who react badly to resignations give up any right to expect employees to give them more than two weeks notice.

    Managers who get significant amounts of notice when an employee is thinking about leaving are managers who make it safe for employees to do that.

    You might ask why I’m only giving two weeks notice, when I’ve known we were moving since the end of April (April 26 to be exact). I’ve quit so many jobs in my life (thanks to the Army) that I get so sick and tired of the dismissive attitude that immediately begins the second you tell the employer you’re leaving.

    The precedents for the current United States system of designing flags for units was established during the Revolution.

    But if your employer has a track record of accommodating long notice periods, has been grateful to employees who provide long notice, and has generally shown that employees can feel safe being candid about their plans to leave, consider giving a longer notice period yourself. In sum, you’re entitled to be secretive if you want to, but like many things you’re entitled to do, you’ll probably negatively impact the relationship.

    Some employers “earn” long notice periods by treating resigning employees well.

    Things vital to the performance of my job are kept from me, simply because I’m leaving. ” You can certainly say “it’s personal” if you want to, but it’s such a normal question to ask and such normal information to share that a refusal will probably come off as odd. And if you end on a chilly note, that’s going to be the most recent memory of you in your boss’s mind when she’s called for a reference at some point in the future. I hear you that the alternative isn’t one you relish either, but I think just being honest is your better bet here.

    And I fully expect this treatment again at this job, as my boss is just “that” kind of person. Be straightforward: “In 20 years, this is by far the best job I’ve ever had and I would give anything not to quit, but the military is moving us.” (If your boss has anything approaching normal human emotions, that first clause is going to help soften things.) Two other issues your letter raised: 1.

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